Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Do your employees love their company retirement plans as much as you do?

In the past employer benefits were the cost of competing in the marketplace. Today, employee benefits are considered a critical investment in the security and prosperity of the organization. Simply having a benefit plan is not enough. Having an engaged workforce appreciate the benefits you worked hard to implement is the difference.

Learn how Hidden Cove Wealth Management can add exceptional value to your Employer Retirement Plan and Benefits Programs.

How Your Employees Can Benefit


Design custom participant education strategies and track the outcome to measure effectiveness.


Provide individualized advice with employees’ needs and interests in mind and offer impartial guidance and support.


Use one-on-one meetings either in person or remote, to help educate participants regarding plan fees and expenses, assess their retirement readiness, provide updates, recorded sessions, and newsletters on financial trends and topics.

As your Financial Advisor

We provide the following vital functions to help secure your Participants financial future.


Review of your participant demographics and development of an annual program strategy specific to each of your employees.

One-on-one Meetings, Annual Goal Setting, Written Program Strategy, Communications Dashboard.


A comprehensive range of financial literacy workshops.

These workshops include 401(k) Meetings, Up + Up Lessons, Jumpstart Your Financings, Power of the Purse.


We offer Financial Tips Series and Posters, Videos, Courses, etc.

One-on-one Meetings, Annual Goal Setting, Written Program Strategy, Communications Dashboard.

A Default Retirement Plan is No Longer Enough.

When you work with an experienced retirement plan advisor, you can offer your employees excellent benefits while remaining focused on your business priorities. Whether your goals are to help employees prepare for the future, attract and retain talent, or manage benefits costs, we can provide invaluable support.

You need a retirement plan advisor to help make the most of your benefits.

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